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Ultimate Hawaiian Farm and Falls

This exclusive tour is a rare access visit to ancestral land, located along the road to Hana. You’ll be interacting with local Hawaiians and cultural practitioners who will guide this magical and unique experience in Keanae Maui. You’ll hear stories that link the past and present, including the story of Hāloa, the birth of Kalo, and understand its significance as a creation story. Then, you’ll step into the cool waters of the loʻi loa with a kalo farmer and learn how the crop is cared for. After that, enjoy cooling off in the spring-fed stream, if you wish, which is the water source for the kalo. Coastal views in this area are breathtaking. The second location is a beautiful waterfall with pools to view, swim or even jump off cliffs into the pools. A deeper understanding of this magical place will be experienced and explained with the guides.

Transportation, refreshments, Makoa Quest hat and chilled, scented hand towels are included.

Dress prepared to get wet from the calf down by wearing shorts or pants that can get wet or rolled up. Clothes may get dirty during this experience. Protective footwear is provided. For the falls, bring or wear a swimsuit.

Hawaiian Sunset Bonfire

On private land in Kula Maui with the backdrop of a million dollar bi-coastal view of the sun setting behind the ocean, share an evening with native Hawaiian cultural practitioners. Experience “Up-country” Maui at 4,000 feet in elevation where there are rolling hills, open country and the feeling of freedom. You’ll learn the cultural significance of our relationship to fire and try your hand at making it, using natural materials with the help of experienced guides. As the sun begins to set you will learn an Oli (prayer/chant) to offer gratitude for the day and the coming night. Then, gather in a circle around the warmth of an outdoor fire pit to enjoy heavy pūpūs (appetizers) and the magic of the Milky Way overhead in the company of your family and friends.

Transportation, cozy blankets, chilled hand towels, beverages including kava and heavy pūpūs included.

Hawaiian Experience with Hula Dancing & Lei Making

Share a morning with Hawaiian cultural practitioners who will guide your learning and exploration of beautiful lush grounds on private property in Haʻikū, Maui. Sustainably harvest fresh lei making materials and learn to make your very own unique lei. Then, be introduced to the art of Hula, by learning about the significance of the words, movements and history of Hawaiian dance. Beyond farm to table, you’ll pick and eat tropical fruit straight from the trees, while cultivating connection to the many canoe and medicine plants brought to Maui by the first peoples of these islands. After refreshments, you will have the option of either wearing your lei or offering it in gratitude to the ʻāina (land) as you practice hula.

Transportation, chilled hand towels and refreshments are included. This is a magical experience for all ages!

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